Japanese consortium to demonstrate drone deliveries of medicines and food in Tokyo

Japan Airlines has joined a consortium of transportation and technology specialists to test drone deliveries of medicines and food in Tokyo. Japan Airlines, along with KDDI Corp., East Japan Railway, Weathernews and Terra Drone Corp., announced the project with the Tokyo government, according to UAS Vision.

KIDDI will provide the drone operations platform for the project. Japan Airlines will offer safety management of flights, business development and feasibility assessment of pharmaceutical deliveries, while East Japan Railway will allow the tests to be performed from its stations. Weathernews will supply weather data for flights, and Terra Drone will offer air traffic control support.

The project developers said they are particularly focused on developing efficient and safe drone operations in urban settings.

To demonstrate the use of drones for pharmaceutical deliveries, the project will transport medicines from Mediceo Corp’s Tokyo warehouse to nearby St. Luke’s International Hospital. Food deliveries will be tested from restaurants to offices in close proximity to the East Japan Railway stations in Tokyo.

The project began in August and will end in March 2022. A budget to support the project in 2021 is expected to be approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is expected soon.

(Image: JUIDA)

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