Iris Automation and Sagetech partner to offer cooperative and noncooperative detection

Iris Automation and Sagetech Avionics have partnered to create a turnkey operation for cooperative and noncooperative detection. The partnership is intended to offer a comprehensive air risk mitigation solution to move the UAV industry one step closer to future BVLOS flight. Both companies share several mutual customers, with Sagetech specializing in situational awareness avionics for crewed and uncrewed aircraft and Iris Automation pioneering collision avoidance technology, says a joint press release.

Customers using the Casia Detect and Avoid (DAA) system, Iris Automation’s noncooperative sensor solution, have been able to secure a number of approvals from the FAA based on its ability to enhance the safety of drone operations through noncooperative detection. Integrating Casia with Sagetech’s TSO-approved MXS ADS-B transponder via Sagetech’s ACAS X sensor fusion and collision avoidance module provides a complete DAA air risk mitigation solution. It allows Sagetech Avionics to create a certifiable ACAS X-based avoidance system that can incorporate one or more forms of noncooperative detection as well as Sagetech’s recently certified ADS-B in/out system.

Sagetech Avionics’ Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) for smaller UAVs (sXu) allows the optimal action to be taken when intruder aircraft are detected.  Actions can include avoidance maneuvers in horizontal and vertical planes, allowing the aircraft to autonomously avoid a collision by turning right or left, or ascending or descending as necessary. By incorporating Casia into this system, advanced maneuvers are incorporated in line with emerging performance standards.

The press release adds: The FAA has consistently stated that UAV operators must be able to detect and avoid cooperative aircraft (those utilizing transponders to broadcast their location) as well as noncooperative traffic (aircraft not broadcasting their location). A significant portion of air traffic in the US is noncooperative, making their detection a paramount safety concern. Combining noncooperative traffic detection from Casia, coupled with Sagetech’s cooperative surveillance and avoidance module, adds a more robust set of avoidance options for safer BVLOS operations.

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