INVOLI discontinues LEMAN tracker, channels future development into diverse drone detection

Drone services company INVOLI has announced ‘after careful consideration and in response to overwhelming customer demand in other domains’ the company has decided to discontinue its LEMAN drone tracker.

According to INVOLI: “Although the LEMAN drone tracker is fully compliant with the upcoming EASA Remote ID Broadcast regulation for Europe, this strategic move allows us to channel our energy and resources into the development and commercialisation of our flagship air traffic detection solution powered by G-1090 receivers and the company’s platform”.

The company reiterates its commitment to providing advanced air traffic detection solutions that meet the evolving needs of a diverse and dynamic customer base.

INVOLI continues to support air traffic visualization, with features related to the tracker on not guaranteed after March 2024. However, alternative solutions will be seamlessly integrated into platform.

The company says the “strategic decision is driven by our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and responding to the evolving needs of our customers. The demand for our air traffic solution based on G-1090 receivers and platform has been significant, and we believe that focusing our efforts in this direction will bring about even greater advancements and value for our users.”

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