ICAO postpones Drone Enable Symposium to 2021, and extends Request For Information to September 2020

ICAO has postponed the fourth Drone Enable Symposium, originally scheduled for 9 to 11 September 2020, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The symposium, renamed Drone Enable 2021, will now be held from 13 to 15 April 2021, with the location remaining Rio de Janeiro.

ICAO has also postponed the Requests for Information (RFIs) – a key process informing Drone Enable discussions. The organisation said the current COVID-19 situation may have negatively impacted the ability of States, organizations and individuals to adequately respond to this year’s RFI, ICAO has extended the submission deadline to 25 September 2020. Those who have already submitted responses are welcome to update their original submission and those that were unable to meet the original timeline are invited to provide a submission. The main topic areas being targeted this year remain:

  • Unmanned aircraft (UA) performance requirements in a UTM environment
  • UTM system certification
  • UTM integration into airport environments and activities

All RFI responses, whether original, updated or new submissions, will be evaluated by a group of international experts, and those providing the best submissions will be invited to present at Drone Enable 2021 in Rio de Janeiro.

ICAO added that an agreed global approach remains crucial to assisting businesses and others in launching their UAS or UTM services without negatively impacting the safety of manned aviation operations, or the safety of persons and property on the ground, ICAO remains committed to exploring these issues in depth at its Drone Enable events.

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