Germany launches north-west U-space project to integrate manned and unmanned users

U-Space Reallabor Nord-Westdeutschland & Deutsche Bucht (U-Space NW) is a project supported by Aviaspace Bremen. Based on U-Space concepts, it aims to create an integrative airspace that will successively establish airspace structures for manned and unmanned aviation. The project will also define interfaces between civil and military applications in the air as well as maritime activities in the German Bight.

In addition to Aviaspace Bremen, project partners include B.R.M. IT & Aerospace, Droniq, and Fraunhofer IFAM. Operational tools include:

Droniq’s UTM Trackviewr web-based application to display aircraft movements in defined areas and altitudes. It display the positions of drones equipped with a HOD4track or Dronetag mini as well as the relevant manned aircraft in the vicinity.

Droniq’s UTMagent to support authorities and organisations in large-scale monitoring of manned and unmanned air traffic.

Droniq’s UTMPRO to display surrounding air traffic in real-time and warn of collisions.

Taking into account all relevant airspace users, the goal is to simplify and automate drone operations in coordination to ultimately increase safety.

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