German IoT company Sesam Global joins Drone Logistics Ecosystem

Sesam Global is the latest member joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) to work with AirGo to collaborate on Internet of Things (IoT) equipped locking mechanisms for AirGo’s DroneBox cargo delivery system. Sesam engineering team have developed top of the line IoT parcel boxes and Smart Entries for digital one-time access to deliver and pick up goods and parcels that are operating across the EU. The Sesam technology is used for private B2C parcel deliveries, and for B2B deliveries in automotive, spare parts, click & collect, pick up and return, digital hub access, construction site deliveries and digital locks / electronic seals for bigger containers for air, rail, ship and truck freight where even customs access can be granted (cross-border deliveries). As one of the few companies in the world, the Sesam technology is not only accepted, but all major delivery companies use it.

Sesam Global CEO Jesper Okkels said: “When we looked into drone deliveries, we realised that B2C deliveries could be quite some years in the future. We did find a clear and obvious use case for urgent B2B deliveries and for B2B deliveries to remote locations and reached out to DLE and AirGo Design for cooperation. The AirGo Design containers and the digital lock and sealing technology that SESAM offers were a perfect match. Joining DLE is in line with our perception of developing industries. Common standards must be established as fast as possible, as customers and investors do not like markets with non-compatible technology and DLE offers a platform for developing and implementing worldwide standards. We are also working together with other organisations like the World Postal Unions Consultative Committee to be a part of the work on standards and norms for delivering parcels and goods of all kinds.”

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