Georgia DOT publishes Blueprint for AAM, plans to licence vertiports

The US state of Georgia has published its Blueprint for AAM, which provides “actionable initiatives that can be used to integrate AAM into Georgia’s transportation system. It is anticipated that this roadmap will outline a clear path and position the state toward achieving its AAM goals.”

There are three main components to this blueprint:

  • A review of legislation from other states.
  • A draft of the relevant statutory and administrative language regulating airports in Georgia.
  • An outline of four strategic goals to advance AAM in Georgia, along with specific actions to accomplish those goals.

The GDOT AAM Study provides a comprehensive set of recommendations to advance AAM in Georgia and outlines best practices for landing area regulations, including the licensing of private airports engaging in commercial operations and the creation of a consistent set of regulations across the state to avoid complicated local regulations. Chapter 5 focuses on Georgia’s outreach for AAM, highlighting the state’s existing aerospace and electric infrastructure industry, academia, and other initiatives. Overall, these recommendations are incorporated into this document.

According to a paragraph in the report:

“In accordance with the statutory requirements contained in O.C.G.A. §32-9-8 Airport Licensing, GDOT has promulgated administrative rules and regulations for the minimum level of safety required for the licensure of general aviation airports. These rules and regulations are formally on file in the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office under Chapter 672-9 Rules and Regulations for Licensing Certain Open-to-the-Public Airports. GDOT is evaluating potential updates to Chapter 672-9 to best regulate vertiports in the state.”

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