Flying Forward 2020 workshop to share project insights from AiRMOUR and AURORA-UAM, 14 December

Europe’s Flying Forward 2020 project will host an online workshop on 14 December 10.00-12.00 CET called Navigating the opportunities and obstacles in UAM. The workshop will share first findings from the AiRMOUR and AURORA-UAM projects based on hands-on practical experience with use-cases.

Before diving into each use case, Miguel Martí Vidal, Aviation Project Manager (H2020-Horizon Europe Transport Research) at CINEA, will explain the importance of drone use cases and living labs as a test bed for emerging technology before their application in cities.

The workshop will also showcase each project’s challenges and how they overcame them. With these insights and participants’ perspectives, we intend to identify new opportunities from challenges in UAM. By discussing our practical experience with stakeholders, we aim to contribute to the knowledge expansion of the required infrastructure for the implementation of Urban Air Mobility in Europe. In addition, we seek to continue expanding our network through these interactions to promote cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing between projects and the whole UAM ecosystem.

Speakers include:

Miguel Marti Vidal, Aviation Project Manager H2020-Horizon Europe at CINEA
Lucy Mascarenhas Senior Consultant at LuxMobility on behalf of AiRMOUR
Arthur Dallau Managing Partner Digie and Director INSPIR8ION
Elhan Fakhraian Researcher and Ph.D. Student on behalf of AURORA-UAM
Ted van Hoof UAM Project Manager at High Tech Campus Eindhoven on behalf of Flying Forward 2020
Lisa van der Heijden Moderator of the workshop and Community Consultant at Digie and INSPIR8ION.

Title: “Navigating the opportunities and obstacles in UAM”
Date: 14 December 2022 at 10:00 CET
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