FAA requests public comments on renewing data collection of sUAS rule waivers

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), via the US Federal Register, seeks public comments about its intention to request Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval for a renewal of information collection on requests for waivers from certain operational rules that apply to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS).


“The FAA will continue to use the collected information to make determinations whether to authorize or deny the requested operations of sUAS. The information collected is necessary to issue such authorizations or denials consistent with the FAA’s mandate to ensure safe and efficient use of national airspace.

“The FAA is seeing increased complexity of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) operation flying under 14 CFR part 107. Under 14 CFR 107.205, operators of small UAS continue to request waivers from certain operational rules. In 2018, the FAA updated and modernized the process for applying for such waivers by introducing the FAADroneZone website. These improvements have facilitated the process of collecting and submitting the information required as part of a waiver application.

“In 2021, recognizing the demand to expedite the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS), the FAA revised the regulatory framework for safely integrating UAS into routine NAS operations. The was accomplished by publishing the “Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Over People” rule in January, 2021, which permitted routine operations of small unmanned aircraft over people and at night under certain conditions. This change significantly decreased the waiver requests for such operations by over 55%.

“The reporting burdens for operational waiver applications are currently covered by Information Collection Request (ICR) 2120–0768. As part of this effort, the FAA is renewing this ICR, for operational waiver applications only. In order to process operational waiver requests, the FAA requires the operator’s name, the operator’s contact information, and information related to the date, place, and time of the requested small UAS operation. Additional information is required related to the proposed waiver and any necessary mitigations. The FAA will use the requested information to determine if the proposed UAS operation can be conducted safely. This information is necessary for the FAA to meet its statutory mandate of maintaining a safe and efficient national airspace. See 49 U.S.C. 40103, 44701 and 44807. “

Written comments should be submitted by March 4, 2024

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