FAA publishes its vision for “Operations in an info-centric national airspace system”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published its vision for an “Info-centric national airspace system (NAS)”. It provides a framework to develop service-level concepts and implementation plans to support the continued expansion of capabilities for more environmentally sensitive and efficient large passengers and cargo operations while meeting the challenges of the new entrants. It recognises the evolution of operational methods and technical requirements need to proceed at the new industry’s faster pace, directed by business requirements, and supported strongly by adherence to the safety risk management system framework. The role of the document and its principles is to guide the emerging architecture for all stakeholders, including a more diverse workforce to meet the new challenge and opportunities.

Acting Assistance Administrator for NextGen Paul Fontaine said the vision looks ahead to the 2035 timeframe and requires integrating new traffic management services to coexist with traditional air traffic management services.

The FAA says it is still committed to the NextGen path, but recognises the emergence of exciting new opportunities in aviation and aerospace.

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