Xponential 2023: Aloft launches Air Boss localised low-altitude first responder coordination service

Aloft Technologies has announced the launch of Air Boss, a system designed to provide localized low-altitude aircraft coordination and communication for emergency response.

“Air Boss goes beyond theoretical UTM, bringing secure, scalable applications for real-world airspace management,” says a company press release. “Air Boss offers low-altitude coordination and communication, combined with the ability to publish advisories across the Aloft network, making it the ideal solution for emergency response scenarios. Air Boss uniquely brings together multiple elements required for low-altitude UTM, including:

  • Custom data layers and live flight feeds
  • The largest audience of recreational, commercial, and government drone operators
  • FAA-approved USS capabilities, such as LAANC
  • Compliance capabilities for fleet management, UTM, and Remote ID
  • Over 5 million square miles of unique safety data via Aloft Geo
  • Developer APIs and map tiles to integrate natively with emergency response centers
  • Secured and certified systems to ingest radar and surveillance data

“Aloft is collaborating with Greg Agvent, CEO of Windsock ADM and formerly Sr Director of CNN Air and member of the FAA’s Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee,” continues the press statement. “Agvent worked first-hand with public safety and emergency response centers to coordinate flights for CNN.”

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