European research groups launch ‘UAM Explained’ initiative to share knowledge and expertise

Europe’s Flying Forward research project has created an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) glossary. Launching the UAM Explained (UAME) initiative on LinkedIn, project members expect to share knowledge on terms relating to UAM and expand the campaign to reach more participants.

Already part of the UAME team, research projects including SAFIR-Med, AiRMOUR, GOF 2.0, AMU-LED, TindAIR, CORUS-XUAM and Flying Forward 2020 are contributing to the project.

Flying Forward 2020 is a three-year collaborative research project that will develop a new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem aligned with the Digital Government Transformation (DGT) of European countries, which focuses on incorporating Urban Air Mobility within the geospatial data infrastructure of cities.

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