Eurocontrol U-space workshop promotes best practice for implementation RPAS/UAS regulations

Eurocontrol reports completion of another successful workshop on implementation of UAS regulations and the related airspace risk assessments, this time in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The 2-day workshop (19-20 September) was organised by the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Directorate of Civil Aviation, BHDCA, with the support of Eurocontrol’s Dejan Mojsoski, Elina Millere and Norberto Vera Velez, at BHDCA’s premises in Banja Luka, with representatives from BHANSA, the Bosnian ANSP, joining.

Conducted as part of Eurocontrol’s support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in aligning with EU regulations for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS)/unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), the workshop aimed to enhance the expertise of local staff and facilitate the implementation of RPAS/UAS regulations and best practices.

EUROCONTROL’s ‘Support To States’ mechanism has been providing assistance to States that are planning the designation of U-space airspaces since 2021, not only in supporting the airspace risk assessments necessary before such a designation, but also in organising targeted explanatory workshops, leveraging Eurocontrol Innovation Hub drone expertise.

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