EASA survey on the use of electronic collision warning and conspicuity systems

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Droniq are conducting a survey into the use of electronic collision warning and conspicuity systems.

In General Aviation, flying is predominantly based on visual flight rules (VFR) where the principle of “see and be seen” or “see and avoid” applies. This still leads to high-risk situations and in some cases even mid-air collisions. As more and more drones fly in the airspace in the future, this risk increases.

There are already various electronic collision warning systems and apps available for General Aviation. The challenge is that they don’t provide 100% protection against collisions and only a small proportion of aircraft are equipped with such a system.

Work is underway to develop a uniform electronic collision warning system that can be used by all General Aviation airspace users. As part of EASA’s project of interoperability of electronic conspicuity systems, a survey has been set-up by Droniq to help collect information on how pilots across the GA Community use collision warning systems today. It will also help us to learn more about what pilots want (require) in such a system for the future.

We would be very pleased if you would participate in our survey as it will help us to find the most practical solutions for all airspace users.

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