EASA provides new overview of U-space services and concept

On October 20 2022 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) launched a new publication which explains and simplifies the role of actors in the European U-Space concept.

According to EASA:

“Member States and EASA Cooperate in designing safely, secure and in an environmentally friendly manner the U-space airspace:


  • defines the U-space concept to include all the services required to ensure it operates effectively, safely and securely
  • provides certification requirements and means of compliance and certifies some USSPs
  • supports and promotes its implementation.

Member States competent authorities

  • establish the zones where U-space is deployed within the national airspace of that State
  • define the performance requirements
  • manage the scalability of the service to deal with growing volume of drones
  • certify USSPs based on EASA requirements
  • ensure that Common Information Services (CIS) is available as a single source of information for U-space”.


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