Droniq partners with DLL to launch drone leasing company aimed at commercial operators

Drone services company Droniq, together with the financing service provider DLL, has launched a new leasing offer designed to opening up new ways for its customers to use industrial drones.

The leasing model frees drone users from having to buy a suitable drone for their use, says Droniq. Instead, these can be leased if required for a monthly fee. Customers can access all drone models available from Droniq. The standard leasing period is 36 months. If necessary, it can be individually adjusted.

The leasing offer also includes the sensors that match the respective drone. These include, for example, thermal imaging and infrared cameras or lidar scanners. It can be used by all commercial customers, with the leasing itself being done via DLL.
DLL is a 100 percent subsidiary of Rabobank and has been active in the market as a leasing company for over 50 years With expertise in financing systems and machinery in numerous different economic sectors, including construction, industry and agriculture.

“With the leasing offer, we make it easier for our customers to access the drone market,” says Droniq CEO Jan-Eric Putze. “We offer the right drone and accessories for every application. Through our other offers, which include, for example, training, support in applying for an operating license or the complete handling of drone operations, we ensure that the customer receives everything from a single source.”

In the future, Droniq and DLL plan to further expand the leasing model.

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