DroNext becomes latest operator to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem to support industry standardisation

Japanese drone operator DroNext has become the latest member to join the Drone Logistics Ecosystem, a collaborative initiative for standardisation and integration of drone delivery systems. The ecosystem is a free-of-charge global multidisciplinary network of companies, universities, public/government and investors to stimulate innovations, collaborations, and standardisations in the drone logistics industry.

DroNext’s future vision is to help design and standardise vertiport infrastructure throughout Japan and Asia, focusing on the intersection of UAM, drone logistics and intermodal transportation. The company’s mission is to create the infrastructure necessary for a future where UAM functions at scale and is accessible by all members of society, as they aim to promote growth and collaboration between local communities and stakeholders. To this end, DroNext and AirGo design team are working on a universal solution for drone delivery systems, with the introduction of the lightweight-smart DroneBox. DroNext and AirGo design see the Drone Logistics Ecosystem as a great opportunity to introduce future standards in the industry to Japan.

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