Dronetag Mini add-on device designed to help drones comply with local regulations

Czech drone services company Dronetag has launched a small remote identification (ID) device that can be attached to any drone. Dronetag’s Mini ID device is designed as an add-on and is no larger than half a meusli bar, says the company. Weighing 30 grams, it stays charged for up to eight hours.

Drone position information, obtained from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and EGNOS satellites, is transferred to the Dronetag cloud to enable co-ordination in the European U-space. The drone information is transmitted via Bluetooth up to 1.5km. The device has internal GNSS, LTE and Bluetooth antennas and offers up to 14 hours of battery life. It also includes an extension port for connecting and remote control of third-party peripheral devices.

Lukáš Brchl, CEO of Dronetag, is quoted in sUAS news: “The number of drones being used all over Europe has been growing very fast, leading the European Union to create new regulations. These can be restrictive if operators don’t have the right setup. Our device and app together make it easy to comply with these regulations and will help to enable applications such as drone shows and deliveries by drone, which we expect to become increasingly common.”

Dronetag aims to provide drones with safe access to the airspace and to prevent drone accidents. Research for Dronetag Mini received funding from the European ASPIRE programme and Czech ESA BIC network.

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