DroneShield releases second generation DroneOptID 2.0 drone detection software

Counter drone company DroneShield has released a second generation version of its optical Articfical Intelligence/Machine Learning based software DroneOptID 2.0.

According to a company press release, the original DroneOptID system, developed in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) under a Defence Innovation Network grant from the Australian government, has led to the development of this latest AI-based software engine to detect, classify and track small, rapidly moving Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as well as their payloads.

The updates include a substantial enhancement of the engine, effectiveness in a wider range of environments including night-time via thermal sensors, improved detection and classification of UAS payloads and cutting-edge technology estimating the target distance and altitude from the sensor.

The update is provided as part of the overall DroneSentry C2 command and control ecosystem. The software processes imagery from third-party camera hardware partners including Trakka cameras, as part of the on-vehicle TIPS-C solution.

DroneShield uses proprietary techniques in signal processing and Machine Learning/AI to do near-real time detection and identification of unmanned robotic systems, with DroneOptID being the optical sensor stream of work in parallel with RFAI cutting edge software engine in the radiofrequency sensing space.

The software is designed to run on all DroneSentry  platforms incorporating a camera sensor.

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