DroneSec launches StolenDroneInfo to help security agencies track rogue drones

DroneSec has launched a new database of stolen drones which allows security agencies to track global markets for rogue drones and operators.

According to Arison Neo, COO of DroneSec, “StolenDroneInfo is a free-to-use global tracking system for stolen drones. This tool not only helps individuals, but law enforcement and counter-drone (C-UAS) systems detect stolen drones mid-air, making risk-based decisions on the fly.

“One of the main reasons we built this was because a large percentage of contraband drops are made with stolen or second-hand purchased drones. Bad guys love them because they reduce attribution and hide their identity. We released StolenDroneInfo as a module to our Notify platform to track stolen drones and help C-UAS threat modelling in real-time. Drone detection systems can check the database to query if a drone they’ve spotted mid-air is stolen, just like police registration cameras check vehicles. They can make better, more informed risk-based decisions for their customers.

“Buyers too can check if the drone they are purchasing is stolen or illegitimate (even discovering the drone’s make, model and manufacturer date). Additionally, it syncs with our threat intel platform, meaning our crawlers check for the serial# across Open-Source Intelligence – such as FB marketplaces, craigslist and eBay.

“Lastly, it helps law enforcement determine if a drone they seized was stolen, and even let the owner know (or vice versa). This reduces the ability for stolen drones to operate and increases the chances of owners being reunited with their drones.

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