Droneport Rotterdam announces strategic alliances to develop mobility ecosystem

DronePort Rotterdam has announced a series of strategic developments to support development of a fully integrated mobility ecosystem spanning ports, airports, urban, and regional landscapes.

The conference entitled the U-Space Revolution in Rotterdam on 5 March 2024, co-organised with the Port of Rotterdam and attracting 200 participants from 14 countries, serves as a platform to highlight the rising interest in the emerging potential of autonomous and uncrewed intelligent systems technology and its expected impact on society. Additionally, it acts as a launching pad for DronePort Rotterdam’s strategic alliances.

At the core of this strategic vision is the Aerospace Delta initiative, stemming from the collective ambition of DronePort Rotterdam and its premier regional partners, including Unmanned Valley, the Aerospace Innovation Hub @TU Delft, InnovationQuarter, and STC (Scheepvaart en Transport College), with support from the City of Rotterdam and the Province of Zuid-Holland. With a newly formed coalition of 100 out of 260 entities under the Aerospace Delta umbrella, there is a unified commitment to transforming the region, and indeed the Netherlands, into a global hub for autonomous and uncrewed intelligent systems. This coalition focuses on innovation and industry transformation through education, testing, training, social entrepreneurship, investments, regulations, policies, and actively applying these initiatives operationally for broader impact, says the press release.

In partnership with STC – the educational and research institution for the shipping, logistics, transport, and process industries – DronePort Rotterdam is collaborating on developing an drone curriculum. This curriculum, covering the entire drone ecosystem, is tailored for both regular and professional education levels. It encompasses a range of drone-related educational content, from regulatory frameworks and safety protocols to practical applications, technological innovations, and policy implications. Additionally, these resources are being developed into online formats to cater to a broad audience, including students, professionals, and newcomers, ensuring everyone can access the information they need to engage with drone technology safely and effectively.

For the second half of this year, STC and DronePort Rotterdam are hosting the ‘Smart Vision Experience: Autonomous and Uncrewed Intelligent Systems’. The event serves to educate and inspire the current and next generations of industry leaders and innovators, showcasing the latest advancements in drone technology and autonomous and uncrewed intelligent systems.

In partnership with Drone Fusion – the international platform for drone researchers and schools innovating for a circular tomorrow – Saxion University of Applied Sciences and DronePort Rotterdam are developing a platform to drive innovation, research, business, and excellence in the field for autonomous and uncrewed intelligent systems. This partnership believes in the potential of drone technology to facilitate Europe’s digital, sustainable, and societal transitions, offering benefits for business and society to help build a resilient future.

The DronePort Rotterdam organisation and its regional collaboration with partners under the Aerospace Delta banner reflect a collective vision and dedication to the future of the Zuid-Holland region.

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