Drone Logistics Ecosystem adds Alphaswift to growing membership of unmanned cargo operators

Drone Logistics Ecosystem reports the addition of the drone operating company Alphaswift to its cargo network. Alphaswift is joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to collaborate with its members in the standardisation of the industry by providing innovative solutions.

Alphaswift and AirGo Design recently signed an MoU agreement as a framework to collaborate on innovative drone delivery solutions. AirGo is providing its lightweight Dronebox demo containers for the pilot project.

Alphaswift is one of the largest drone delivery company in Malaysia. The company has received approval from the National Technology Innovation Sandbox to conduct over 400 h/16,000 km drone cargo delivery pilot project between the 1st week of December 2021 to the last week of April 2022.

Alphaswift CEO Dr Shian Lee said: “Unmanned aircraft will be a powerful technology that pushes the logistic business to another level. Therefore, the standardization of drone logistics and the related infrastructure is very important for the global economy. Another format war in the drone logistics ecosystem will be highly devastating to the business. It is, therefore, logical to join the DLE and agree on a standard together regarding the infrastructure that supports the drone logistics economy.”

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