Drone delivery company Spright links with ReslienX to monitor CNS service quality

ResilienX, Inc has announced that the company has partnered with Spright, the drone division of Air Methods, to provide the enterprise FRAIHMWORK® solution to assist Spright with compliance around the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) requirements for monitoring Associated Elements for complex drone operations.

According to ResilienX, FRAIHMWORK (Fault Recovery and Isolation, Health Monitoring frameWORK) is a configurable software platform that monitors the health and integrity of Associate Elements such as the infrastructure (communications, navigation, surveillance, weather sensors, and digital infrastructure) supporting advanced drone operations. “FRAIHMWORK performs data quality assurance of third-party data streams and provides maintenance tooling and metric tracking,” said a company press release. ”These capabilities are crucial elements of robust safety cases for BVLOS operations which are increasingly reliant on Associate Elements for operational safety and efficiency.”

By deploying FRAIHMWORK® to monitor, assess, and mitigate adverse or off-nominal conditions associated with Associated Elements, Spright will be able to expand its operations, says the release.

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