DJI announces new mission management software for enterprise drone operations

Drone manufacturer DJI has announced a suite of new sensor systems and data integration packages, including mission management systems, for its professional drone platforms at the fifth annual AirWorks conference.

According to a press release:

“DJI executives detailed their vision for the future of DJI’s technology and how the commercial drone ecosystem can benefit from new technical achievements. DJI drones will become optimized for integration into leading geospatial information systems (GIS) and gain new sensors that enable the creation of precise digital twin assets that precisely represent the real world.

The release details the new systems and how they will be used:

  • Drone-based LiDAR Sensors– DJI has been investing directly in lidar technology through its open innovation program that incubated Livox Technology Company. Livox’s new 498 gram lightweight Avia lidar sensor is compact, capable and able to be attached directly to the DJI Matrice 200 and Matrice 300 series drones to enable highly accurate 3D aerial mapping.
  • GIS System Integration– The company has partnered with ESRI to provide advanced enterprise solutions to its shared user-base.
  • New Mission Management Platform– DJI’s FlightHub software will evolve from a fleet and pilot management tool into a comprehensive mission management platform centered around flight operations. With the new system, drones will deliver live data on top of an enhanced reality model for better coordination between field operators and command centres.
  • New Developer Tools– DJI announced improvements to its software development kit (SDK) tools that will enable third-party developers to create industry-specific applications, providing more access to DJI’s resources, and exploring and testing new cooperation methods.


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