Deliverone and Rigitech complete night BVLOS routes in northern France

Drone operator Deliverone collaborated with Rigitech to complete Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations in northern France. Utilising the Rigitech’s Eiger platform, the partners aim to establish an efficient and secure network for transporting critical medical supplies between clinics and hospitals during nighttime aeronautic hours. Rigitech proprietary software RigiCloud provides detailed route planning, smart navigation, integrated Detect and Avoid systems, and contingency measures.

Delivrone recently began flying two routes from Valenciennes to Maubeuge, connecting a local clinic and the Maubeuge Central Hospital to Valenciennes, traversing a distance of 39 km in approximately 25 minutes.

One of the key challenges in healthcare logistics is the transportation of biological samples, which require precise temperature control, real-time tracking, and an unbroken chain of custody.

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