DeFli Networks releases UA PRO and UA Max attachment devices to support BVLOS drone flights

DeFli Networks has released a commercial version of its UA PRO and UA MAX attachment devices for UA fleet operators and deployers. The devices are designed to enable both production line and retrospective equipping of UA’s with the following technologies:

  • ADS-L IN/OUT Readiness
  • GNSS
  • LoRa
  • LTE via both Ground and SATCOM
  • Autonomous Charging Pins.

When combined with DeFli’s tri-network (DeFli, DeSky and DeCharge) a UA equipped with a UA PRO or UA MAX will support capabilities including:

  • Broadcast and receive over ADS-B enabling compatibility with the DeFli UTM, a data-rich UTM
  • Use ADS-B + PIA to obtain FAA and U-Space Flight Approvals
  • Utilize satellite-based LTE for C2 messaging in conjunction with traditional ground towers
  • Utilize the DeCharge Network for autonomous pre-planned and in-flight charging including in BVLOS missions.

The UA MAX and UA Pro also carry an onboard barometer, GNSS receiver and optional LoRa transceiver.

Throughout 2023, DeFli is offering the UA MAX and UA Pro free to fleet operators and deployers who sign up for the DeFli UTM tri-network.

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