CORUS X-UAM project plans to demonstrate safe drone deliveries in urban settings across Europe

Participants in the SESAR Joint Undertaking CORUS X-UAM project to strengthen safe Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operations, plan a live demonstration later this year in the area of Grottaglie airport in Italy in 2021, linking the Manduria airfield and the city hospital. The flights will cover safe transport of vaccines and medical supplies. The demonstration includes the Italian air navigation service provider ENAV with its subsidiary D-Flight, the Aerospace Technology District (Dta), Nais (IT and network security) of Turin and the Slovenian Pipistrel vertical solution (Pvs).

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere di Taranto, the trial will transport vaccines and medical material to Grottaglie Airport via C130 aircraft, and use large unmanned vehicles supplied by Pvs to transport the supplies to the Manduria Airfield. Smaller drones will be used to transport vaccines and medical supplies from the airfield to the Manduria hospital.

The CORUS X-UAM project (Operational concepts for European U-space services, extension to urban mobility) includes 7 states (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom) and plans six large-scale live demonstrations on mobility urban aerial also to integrate low-altitude drone flights with operations taking place in controlled airspace near airports. Led by Eurocontrol, the programme includes 30 European partners.

In addition to the province of Taranto, the project also involves the Municipality of Bari, Dta, the Polish Institute of Aviation, two Italian research centers (Cira and Issnova), Portuguese and Dutch cities carrying out trials of urban aerial mobility services.

(Image: Corriere di Taranto)

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