Comparing medical supply deliveries by drones and cars in Malawi

Jedsy, a technology company based in Switzerland and manufacturer of the Delivery Glider AG, in its latest blog has compared the performance of drone delivery services against road transport services in a rural area of Malawi, where it is delivering medical supplies

According to the company:

“A lot of the roads in Malawi are in bad shape and often flood during the rainy season, and the country’s transportation system as a whole isn’t very efficient. Mzimba is a rural district in northern Malawi, home to a population of around 700,000. The majority of Mzimba’s road network is comprised of dirt roads, which can be challenging to navigate. In addition, the region features mountainous terrain, which can make mobility challenging, particularly for heavy vehicles.

“The restricted road infrastructure, the bad road conditions, the lack of maintenance, and the limited access to transportation are some of the difficulties that affect the road situation. Because of these variables, it may be challenging to deliver products and equipment, especially medical supplies, to locations that are geographically remote.

“As compared to the range of a car, the Jedsy drone can cover more ground in less time. Contrasting the ranges covered by drones and courier services in Mzimba area, the map provides a visual comparison of the two. In 30 minutes, a drone can travel 45 kilometers, while a courier service can travel 17 kilometers.”

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