CITYAM project publishes UAM public acceptance toolkit to engage citizens

The CITYAM project has published the first version of an Urban Air Mobility Public Acceptance Toolkit, a tool designed to foster public understanding and support for the transformative potential of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in partnering cities. Developed through collaboration, this toolkit empowers the cities to engage their citizens in shaping the future of urban transportation, according to CITYAM.  It will be used in the six partner cities of the CITYAM project and the cities have been highly involved in developing the toolkit.

At the heart of the toolkit lies a modular approach, enabling the users to tailor surveys to their needs. Each survey tackles a range of topics that influence public acceptance, including safety, security, privacy, use cases, drone types, noise and visual effects, landing sites, sustainability, social equity, and accessibility.

The toolkit serves as a launchpad for raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and fostering meaningful dialogue around UAM. The Lead cities Hamburg, Stockholm and Helsinki will translate, test and validate the toolkit in the coming months, upon which it will be finalised. The partners invite other cities and their subsidiaries or living labs to also try it out.

(Image: Forum Virium Helsinki/Vesa Laitinen)

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