Chennai prepares to develop UAM ecosystem

Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO) and Boeing Research and Technology recently concluded a workshop on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Chennai. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the development of a UAM ecosystem that would enable drone and short-haul air transport operators to safely and successfully provide urban air transport to the Greater Chennai Metropolitan Area.

TIDCO managing director, Thiru Sandeep Nanduri, said there is an increased need for UAM as the city’s population becomes denser. “Once we hit the limits of what can be achieved with metros and roads, we need new solutions that will address the areas of rapid logistics and mobility.”

Thiru B. Krishnamoorthy, TIDCO project director, said at the workshop that Chennai will become the first city to implement the UAM programme. Further discussions were held around key considerations like vertical flights, safety, security, regulation, management of air traffic, communication, navigation, and surveillance.

The event was attended by key UAM stakeholders, including Boeing’s Research and Technology team, Vinata Aeromobility, The ePlane Company, Greater Chennai Traffic Police, Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority, the Airport Authority of India, EMRI-GHS-TNHSP, Sense Image Tech, TNUAV, Guidance, Medical Supplies Corporation, Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project, and Special Projects GCC.

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Image by Karl Janisse on Unsplash

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