Brazil approves first drone-assisted food deliveries in Campinas

Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has approved drone-assisted food deliveries by delivery company iFood. The company plans to use Speedbird Aero drones on two delivery routes in Campinas, located northwest of São Paulo. This is the first time drone-assisted food deliveries have been officially allowed in Latin America.

The drone deliveries are set to begin in October, although the food will not be flown directly to the customer’s front door. Food delivery company iFood will use a hybrid approach that includes both drones and last-mile ground transportation.

For the first route, drones will fly from a food court in Igautemi Campinas, a large shopping complex, to an iFood Hub roughly 400 metres away. It will take the drones two minutes to fly and drop off the food at the hub, where drivers will then be picked up by drivers for final delivery.

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