Aviant launches Norway’s longest autonomous home drone delivery service in Lillehammer

Norwegian drone operator Aviant has launched its longest home delivery service by autonomous drone in Lillehammer, according to media reports. The company’s Kyte drone service is delivering groceries, medicines and meals from restaurants to inhabitants’ doorsteps within a 17km radius of Lillehammer, claimed to be the largest area in Europe to have such a service. The development follows consumer trials with groceries and meals launched in Trondheim in 2023.

The drones carry up to 2kg and can operates over a distance of up to 30km each way. It is designed to operate in Norway’s harsh climate, including sub-zero temperatures and winds up to 12m/2. The average delivery is expected to take less than half an hour and deliver to within 1m accuracy. The drones are fully certified and equipped with a parachute minimise risk.

“This represents a significant moment for autonomous drone delivery in Europe: when the benefits to consumers and the environment move from the hypothetical phase and into viable real-world application,” said Lars Erik Fagernæs, CEO and co-founder of Aviant.

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