Australia’s Northern Territory seeks innovators to facilitate drone sector development

Businesses, investors, training providers and industry stakeholders are invited to participate in Australia’s Northern Territory Government’s Drone Technology Innovation Cluster to grow the Territory’s drone industry. Challenge participants will design a proposal for the Drone Technology Innovation Cluster to facilitate the development of drone technology and associated industries in the Territory.

The winning design proposal will be judged based on which concept offers the most value for the Territory. The winning consortium will be able to negotiate a contract with the Territory Government for the procurement of the proposal and also receive UAD100,000 in seed funding.

The outcomes the Territory Government seeks include:

  • Development of drone manufacturing, maintenance, and repair capabilities in the Territory.
  • Provision of testing capability in the Territory to drone operators, developers, and manufacturers.
  • Delivery of new education and training opportunities for industry and individuals.
  • Provision of service delivery efficiencies for government.
  • Provision of data storage, management, and analysis services to government and industry for data collected by drones.

Solutions must include:

  • A consortium of partners that includes all of the following:
    • at least 2 Territory enterprises
    • a registered training organisation
    • a research organisation
    • any other partners considered necessary to deliver the solution.
  • The terms on which the centre will host co-located organisations.
  • An engagement and workforce development plan to explain how Territorians will become more digitally skilled through the centre.
  • How the centre will:
    • support the establishment of start-ups, the development and commercialisation of products developed in the centre
    • be staffed and managed.
  • An indicative cost of providing deliverables over 2 years.

The Territory Innovation Challenges Program aims to position the Territory for future investment leading to jobs and economic growth.

Application details here Closing date: 2 April 2024

In a separate request, the Northern Territory (NT) Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade is seeking feedback on its draft Drone Industry Strategy which sets out a clear and coordinated strategic direction for the NT drone industry. Deadline 31 March 2024.

The draft NT Drone Industry Strategy has been developed following extensive internal and external consultation and provides a whole-of-government and industry framework for the development of the drone industry across 4 focus areas:

  1. Industry growth
  2. Education, training and workforce development
  3. Regulation and government settings
  4. Community engagement and recreation

The draft drone strategy document is available here.

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