Australia’s Institute for Drone Technology develops low altitude airspace management system

Australia’s Institute for Drone Technology is working on the development of a Low Altitude Airspace Management System (LAAMS) in partnership with counter drone specialists Department 13 (D13). D13 provides situational awareness capabilities airspace management platforms by detecting, identifying, attributing, and locating drones within the airspace to ensure safe flights. The institute provides drone consultancy, training and pilot license accreditation.

According to an article published by Commercial UAV News LAAMS is the latest product in the Institute’s portfolio which includes products such as as Dronesafe, DroneInduct and Drone Test & Tag.

Paul New, Executive Director of The Institute for Drone Technology, told Commercial UAV News: “With LAAMS, you can record and track everything within one system,” explained New. “You’re pre-qualified, you’re trained, you’re managing and monitoring your drone operations, and with LAAMS you can detect, track, and identify what is in your local airspace and determine whether it is a threat. By taking off some of the capability that counter-drone systems have, mainly interdiction, we found that sweet spot regarding airspace management. Airspace management is not just about governance, compliance, and protection, and it’s potentially about revenue opportunities – it’s about knowing more about your space.”

New added: “We have already had an interest, both from the US, Asia and Australia, to trial that ecosystem on assets to give the client the turnkey drone management solution.”

New sees B2B as a game-changer for companies who need to move critical items from Point A to B to C within their campuses or even between different offices without having to plan around traffic. This has already been imagined with critical blood and organs by companies within the US like with UPS and Aquiline Drones. By integrating drone detection and tracking capabilities into their system, The Institute for Drone Technology and D13 are looking at how these technologies can be leveraged to keep everyday drone operations safe by giving them situational awareness—eyes in the sky. The success of this system trials could eventually influence how these types of solutions evolve globally.

(Image: The Institute for Drone Technology)

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