Australia’s Department 13 launches Scout 13 RF drone detection/identification system

Australia ‘s Department 13 has launched a new counter-UAS (C-UAS)  product at the 2022 Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition. Scout 13 “can instantly observe, identify and locate unauthorised drones in nearby airspaces….By listening and observing 24/7, Scout 13 detects, identifies, attributes, and locates unauthorised drones within a 5km radius.”

According to a company press release:

“Scout13 uses a combination of radio frequency and protocol comprehension to observe up to 5km of airspace, providing the highest level of intelligence on unauthorised drones invading monitored areas. This innovative technology enhances surveillance and security teams, collecting radio frequency data, transmitting in real-time to the cloud-based central knowledge command centre for interpretation, tracking and intelligent response.

“Data is verified through Department 13’s robust drone fingerprint library to detect, identify, attribute and locate drones within and around nearby airspaces.”

Department 13 CEO Lee Croft said: “The product instantly enables informed strategic decisions regarding potential threats from airspace incursions that could compromise the safety and security of the monitored site.”  Department 13 will be hosting a live Scout 13 demonstration on Wednesday 19 October 2022, Session 1 at – 8:30am AEST and Session 2 at – 5:30pm AEST.

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