Australian regulator expands services for drone operations with approval of AiRXOS’ Air Mobility Platform

Australia’s regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has approved the Air Mobility Platform developed by AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, as a drone safety application. As a CASA-verified application, the platform can now be used to help users fly their drones in accordance with local regulations.

CASA-verified drone safety applications and web applications provide customised location-based information with easy to use maps about where drone operators can and can’t fly in accordance with aviation legislation.

The Air Mobility Platform is a secure, unified view of operations that manages the volume, density, and variety of unmanned traffic data, while coordinating and integrating that data within a secure, FAA compliant, gated cloud environment to ensure safe unmanned operations. The platform can be used to connect different sets of operations, applications, and devices using a compliant, cyber-secure architecture.

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