ARPAS-UK lists top five priorities for 2024, accelerate routine BVLOS operations

The Westminster eForum on drones hosted by the UK drone association ARPAS-UK on 16 January focused on ‘priorities and next steps for the UK drone industry’.

ARPAS-UK CEO Anne-Lise Scaillierez delivered the organisation’s keynote. She reflected on why industries use drones: serving as a professional tool to collect data in a safer smarter cheaper way, contributing to the CO2 reduction journey, and beyond data capture Advanced Air Mobility, before highlighting the 2024 Top 5 priorities:

  1. To collectively deliver the upcoming Department for Transport (DfT)-led Future Flight Action Plan, and where possible accelerate milestones, such as routine BVLOS operations
  2. Secure the CAA’s funding and access to skilled resources. CAA teams are very professional and working very hard in a challenging environment. Yet, it still takes months to get approvals for more complex operations. Innovation needs to extend beyond simply drones to support Airspace Modernisation Strategy, alternative propulsion, and net zero.
  3. Focus on low-hanging fruits to expand the scope of the “commercially possible at scale”. For example, a typical airspace as a start to long distance BVLOS operations. Also focus on standards: in particular standardised, digitised, risk assessments processes for frequent, lower safety risk operations. Product technical standards and BSI standards.

4.Successfully transition to international “SORA”-based regulatory framework: opportunity for regulatory clarity, simplicity, risk proportionality, digitisation

5.Pursue collaboration, education to accelerate the adoption by end-user industries

Jenny Ward at DfT delivered a well-rounded brief that demonstrated the support of DfT to our industry.

Many speakers reflected on a broader perspective as well, beyond 2024 actions, looking at 2030 and embracing Advanced Air Mobility. ARPAS-UK supports them and remains focused on achieving  2024 milestones.

Many ARPAS-UK members participated as speakers: Paul Luen at COPTRZ, Elliot Parnham at Skyfarer, Dave Pankhurst at BT , Richard Parker at Altitude Angel, and John McKenna at

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