Altitude Angel deploys first Arrow mast in the Dutch Arrow NL superhighway

Unified Traffic Management (UTM) company Altitude Angel has deployed its first Arrow tower in the Netherlands, the company’s first fully remote-managed and self-sufficient ARROW mast to be deployed and joined to the Altitude Angel network. It forms part of the early-stage Arrow NL Superhighway. This particular variant is a trailer-mounted, road legal version that can be deployed in about an hour from start to finish, according to a company post.

The mast is designed to provide a high-resolution image of the low-altitude sky, in 360 degrees out to about 10KM: it’s looking for EC and non-EC aircraft, is equipped with drone detection and environmental sensors, and acts as a ‘relay station’ to send all this data to GuardianUTM where it can be used by the company’s automated traffic management algorithms to provide deconfliction as a service, or, effectively: separation. All of the data from each of its sensors is fused and combined with the overall sensor data obtained from all other towers.

The technology is designed to support beyond visual line of sight operations over long distances without any form of human spotter in-the-loop.

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