Aloft new software automatically import flights from Dronelink to Aloft Air Control

Drone services company Aloft has announced a new feature that enables drone operators to integrate and import automated flights from Dronelink into Aloft Air Control. The new software support automatic flight executions in Dronelink while synchronising them automatically with Aloft’s fleet management platform for logging, reporting and alerting, says the company’s media post.

Dronelink already enables operators to link mapping, waypoint, orbit, facade, inspection and other mission types together, automate settings, estimate and preview missions in 3D before flight.

With this new integration, any flights conducted in Dronelink (using DJI drones) are automatically synced to the Air Control platform. The detailed flight log is associated with airspace information, authorizations, weather, checklist logs and so on. This supports flight tracking, aircraft, and battery usage to run reports and gain more insight into daily drone operations.

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