Airspace World: U-ELCOME research group targets ‘daily commercial BVLOS operations by 2026’

The Europe U-ELCOME research project set out its objectives to delegates attending Airspace World on 10 March in Geneva. U- ELCOME is supporting the development of U1/2 services across Europe and the implementation of procedures and infrastructures to enable drone operations in 15 European cities in Spain, Italy and France.

Ludovic Legros, U-ELCOME project coordinator, said “We are a group of people that believe we can make commercial drone operations possible on a daily basis BVLOS/VLOS by 2026”

The project is part of an innovation pipeline to bridge the gap between industrial research and industrialisation, and to accelerate the market uptake of U-space services with the involvement of early movers. It also has a strong and close connection with relevant standardisation and regulatory activities and bodies.

Farah Luu, the “French cluster” leader and Thales Group Project Manager explained how the development of sandboxes support U-space development across Europe. The U-space capabilities and U1 and U2 services of the pre-operational U-space ecosystems will be demonstrated in several live use cases in various operational environments that represent the most typical missions such as goods and cargo delivery, emergencies, surveillance and inspection, people rescue, medical parcel delivery, media, support to first aid operations and people air transport in controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

U-ELCOME is coordinated by Eurocontrol with funding from the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) in cooperation with the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking has chosen industry expo Airspace World as the venue to show how such The EUR15 million European project aims to support development of commercial drone operations in Spain, Italy and France to leverage the market across Europe.

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