AirMap partners with TMS Technologies to offer drone integration solutions in Taiwan

Airmap has partnered with Taiwan transportation consultancy TMS Technologies to offer drone integration services to airspace authorities and enterprises in Taiwan. In a press release, AirMap says Commercial and recreational drone use is growing rapidly in Taiwan and promises major economic benefits to the telecom, and industrial goods industries. In response, Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration recently updated its drone use regulations, requiring increased drone registration and inspection.

“Taiwan’s new drone regulations show that our airspace authorities are serious about safe and scalable UAS integration, and that our businesses are ready to reap the commercial benefits drones provide,” said Tim Chen, President of TMS Technologies.

“It’s clear that Taiwan is well on the way to building a vibrant drone ecosystem,” said Peter Hogewoning, Vice President for Asia Pacific at AirMap. “We are excited to work with TMS Technologies to provide airspace authorities and enterprises with the tools they need to facilitate safe drone use at scale.”

AirMap connects airspace authorities, enterprise operators, and industry developers with automation software solutions for scaling drone operations in low-altitude airspace. The AirMap UTM Platform equips airspace authorities with UTM and U-space technology to integrate drones safely at scale.

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