AirMap joins Switzerland’s U-space implementation to support the launch of nationwide network remote ID

Swiss U-space Implementation (SUSI) members, under the coordination of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), are soft-launching a nationwide voluntary network remote ID service across Switzerland this month. AirMap is serving as technology provider to Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider skyguide in order to equip stakeholders with Remote ID capabilities.

Enabling complex drone use at scale requires transparency and accountability in the low-altitude airspace. Remote ID makes that transparency possible by offering a flexible and scalable way for UAS operators to share safety-critical identifying information with law enforcement and the general public while still safeguarding their privacy.

Network Remote ID is when drones share their identifying and positioning information via the internet to the cloud, where it can be accessed by other operators, authorities, and the general public. That information is then stored, creating a comprehensive traffic record and a trusted picture of UAS activity. The Swiss Network Remote ID service is compliant with the ASTM Standard F3411 on Remote ID and Tracking and fulfills one of the critical U-space capabilities detailed in the EASA U-Space Opinion.

Multiple SUSI participants are serving as Remote ID service providers and display application providers. AirMap and skyguide are contributing to the service by providing the following capabilities to airspace stakeholders who wish to utilize Remote ID:

  • Operator Functionalities
    UAS operators can participate in the remote ID service by transmitting their telemetry data on a voluntary basis, either via the skyguide app or any mission control software that is connected to our telemetry APIs. The operator’s UAS position is shared in order to give stakeholders the information they need while protecting operator privacy. Operators can also leverage the app’s existing features to plan flights and learn about applicable rules and airspace restrictions.
  • Remote ID Display Functionalities
    Members of the general public can use the skyguide app to remotely identify drones flying in Switzerland. This display application also enables authorized users, including police, public safety officials, and other qualified authorities, to access and verify security-critical operator information.

These capabilities are powered by the Swiss U-space platform, which enables information sharing between multiple U-space Service Providers (USSPs) and is fully compliant with the ASTM Standard F3411 on Remote ID and Tracking. Flights created on the platform using the mobile, web app or APIs are announced in the Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS) so that users of other USSP platforms can be made aware of UAS operations.

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