Airbus UTM integrates DroneDeploy software into flight planning services

Airbus Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) has partnered with software provider DroneDeploy to secure digital flight authorisation for commercial pilots using the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) service. Airbus UTM says by integrating its flight briefing service with LAANC authorization service with DroneDeploy, commercial drone pilots have a seamless experience to plan, review, conduct their flights, and unlock controlled airspace near airports. Airbus UTM’s charter is to provide digital traffic services for the evolving aviation ecosystem.

Among benefits of the integration is the speed at which DroneDeploy pilots can secure digital flight authorization and an ensured level of safety, where historically pilots have relied on a manual approach to obtain flight approval, current weather reports, and knowledge of relevant regulations. Now, pilots leveraging Airbus’ streamlined flight briefing and LAANC authorization services can access digital data, including pre-flight Airbus safety briefing, via DroneDeploy.

The integration is being tested in private beta with some of DroneDeploy’s enterprise customers. It will be publicly available as a web application, and as a mobile application in DroneDeploy’s App market. A full release will arrive in Q1 2020.

(Image: DroneDeploy)

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