ADLC receives BCAA approval to fly BVLOS drone flights without observers in Antwerp-Bruges port

After an extensive Specific Operational Risk Assessment (SORA) process, the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) has given ADLC the authorization to perform true Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights without observers in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges over a stretch of 12,5 km to deliver goods with a weight of up to 15 kg.

The authorization includes the possibility of flying at night.

ADLC’s operations are compliant with the new European U-Space regulations. As such they can ensure safe flights through integration of manned and unmanned air traffic. Based on this authorization from the BCAA, ADLC is setting up a Drone Delivery Network via which it will be able to offer ultra-fast drone-based delivery services to the users of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

The Network stretches from the north of the Port to the south and part of the route runs through controlled airspace.

ADLC’s Drone Delivery Network includes Landing Pads, Communication infrastructure, Drones and a central Operations Control Center (OCC) from which all flights are controlled. The proprietary OCC software is an integrated management platform that includes Man-Machine Interfaces to users as well as APIs to connect to UTM systems and to Drone Control Software. The system can also be integrated with existing logistics software used by our customers and ADLC’s pilots can monitor all aspects of the operations remotely in real-time from its Operations Control Center located outside of the port area.

The Network is expected to be fully operational in Q2 of 2024, serving customers with daily flights. Extensive tests of the systems and the operational procedures are well underway within the scope of the Samplifly Project, during which ADLC is using the PWORCA Drone of Phoenix-Wings.

The Samplifly project is a cooperation between ADLC, SGS – a major in testing, inspection and certification company and BASF – a leading manufacturer of chemical products.

With PWC as its advisor, ADLC is now in the process of raising EUR2.6 million to scale its operations in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and deploy Drone Delivery Networks in other international logistics hubs.

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