US representatives propose expanding counter drone responsibilities to local law enforcement

US representatives are proposing legislation to the House that would allow state and local law enforcement and critical infrastructure operators to use drone detection technology, according to a report by Bignewsnetwork. The intention is to expand government authority to detect and destroy drones that pose security threats, and authorize the Transportation Security Administration to protect transportation infrastructure from drone threats.

According to the report, originally sourced from Reuters, Representative Chrissy Houlahan said: “The bill could get attached to an annual defense bill. A parallel drone bill was introduced in the Senate in May. We really have not enough legislation that protects the American people from really catastrophic effects of a drone strike,” she said, stressing that the new push was caused by concerns about drones affecting major events, including presidential inaugurations and high-profile sports events, such as the Super Bowl or Olympics.

According to Bignewsnetwork “The bill would also reauthorize existing government drone authorities, which expires on 30th September. Since 2022, the White House and US sports leagues have been pushing for expanded authority to detect and disable drones.

“In a letter on 5th June, the US Chamber of Commerce, National Football League, Major League Baseball and other organizations said that airports and sporting events “are at substantial risk from malicious and unauthorized (drone) operation” without the expanded authority.

“In 2022, the Homeland Security Department said that since 2021, officials reported nearly 2,000 drone sightings near US airports, “including incursions at major airports nearly every day,” said the report.

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