UK CAA publishes guidance on carriage of dangerous goods as cargo for UAS/RPAS in ‘Specific’ category

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published guidance on ‘The Carriage of Dangerous Goods as Cargo for UAS/RPAS Operators in the Specific Category aimed at UAS/RPAS operators in the Specific Category wishing to apply for an approval to carry dangerous goods.

The document summarises and references regulations that are applicable to the carriage of dangerous goods by air. It enables UAS/RPAS operators to identify the relevant regulatory references that are applicable and to ensure compliance before applying for an approval to carry dangerous goods. In doing so, the operator is far more likely to gain the approval sought in a more efficient manner. This will benefit both the operator and the regulator.

Each application will be independently assessed by the CAA Dangerous Goods Flight Operations Inspectorate, who will determine whether to grant such an approval or not, based on the appropriateness of the means of transport and on the facts and circumstances submitted by the operator. An additional benefit of UAS/RPAS operators and others voluntary compliance with this guidance will mean that when the regulations are updated, there will be no detrimental business impact for those who are already demonstrating compliance.

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