Poland’s PANSA “to adapt constitution to enable delivery of commercial UAV services”

Poland’s Council of Ministers will “adopt an amendment to the act on the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency by the end of September…The most important change is the possibility of PANSA establishing subsidiaries that could provide commercial services. This is a response to the growing market of drone operators,” according to Poland’s Rynek Loteniczy news service.

“The amendment will be in line with the regulations of the European Union. Policy makers in Brussels assume that sky traffic management will remain under state control, but other services such as airport traffic management, weather forecasts or aeronautical information should be segregated and marketed. The proposed solutions are to enable PANSA to acquire shares or stocks in companies or to establish subsidiaries with the participation of other entities, e.g. a special purpose vehicle for CPK. Thanks to this solution, the Agency could establish entities whose task will be to provide services to operators of unmanned aerial vehicles. The project also provides for the expansion of PANSA’s research and development activities, the creation of a recognizable company (name and logo) of the agency, as well as the introduction of a strike ban for air traffic controllers, flight information service informers and technical personnel.”

“… The project provides for a change in the scope of PANSA’s tasks, including supplementing them with tasks such as providing services to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators and service providers for UAVs, as well as providing technological solutions in the field of the unmanned aerial vehicle market, supporting the implementation of public tasks – explains to us more precisely Szymon Huptyś, spokesman for the Ministry of Infrastructure. – The amendment also assumes that PANSA, in order to perform its tasks, with the consent of the minister responsible for transport, will be able to own, acquire or purchase shares or stocks in companies.”

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