Luxembourg introduces drone registration portal and online training to comply with EC regulations

Luxembourg’s the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works has introduced a drone registration portal for all drone operators, whether for recreational or professional purposes, in an announcement by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC) this week. This puts in place the necessary framework for Luxembourg to implement the new European drone regulations which came into force in December 2020.

From now on, anyone who flies a drone must first register on the internet portal. In addition, a specific online training, offered in collaboration with Eurocontrol, is required, according to the newspaper RTL.

DAC has also launched a public awareness campaign to inform drone pilots of basic aviation safety rules.

When a drone is put into service, the drone pilot is required to check on that the operation will not take place in a geographical area where flights are prohibited.

DAC details additional safety measures for drone operators including: maintaining permanent visual contact with the drone; not to fly beyond a height of 120 meters; and keeping a minimum distance from people and other drones.

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