JARUS meeting “gives green light to SORA 2.5”

Early reports from today’s JARUS official plenary session say voting members have approved the publication of JARUS SORA 2.5.

According to a Linkedin post from Joerg Dittrich, Senior Expert Drone Regulations and Leader JARUS WG-SRM

“SORA 2.5 is a significant improvement, including:

  • major modifications to enable a better usability by improving wording and document organisation, corrections of exaggerations and inaccuracies in certain use cases (updated Main Body, Annexes B, E, I);
  • new Annex A: Guidelines to write an Operator Manual for the Specific Category and guidelines on presenting a safety case to the authority;
  • new Annex F: Includes a supporting quantitative ground risk model;
  • formal update of Cyber Annex to Annex E (no content change).”

…. The SORA 2.5 documents will be released soon after last formal editing.”

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