Italy releases roadmap for advanced air mobility to respond to “structural changes in urban centres”

Italy’s civil aviation authority ENAC has released a roadmap for the adoption of large-scale commercial Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The roadmap expects to achieve Italian competitiveness at global level foresees the achievement of AML 3 by 2030, based around three waves of development with an increasing degree of complexity.

The document aims to:

  • Enable services to make mobility in the third dimension accessible to all;
  • allow entry into service of advanced air mobility applications and enhance national cutting edge industrial and technological capabilities with multidomain applications (e.g. land, air, sea transportation);
  • build an ecosystem to develop a clear National Strategic Plan for Advanced Air Mobility; and
  • develop drone applications for passenger transportation, goods and medical delivery, monitoring and inspection and agricultural support.

The document notes: “International experiences show that urban air operations require a much wider range of competences with respect to traditional aviation. Hence, a complete ecosystem integrating competences (industrial, institutional and research centers) across different sectors was engaged in the project”.

The project was launched by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization in December 2019 with a Memorandum of Understanding with ENAC that launched the national Urban Air Mobility (UAM) project “Innovation e-Mobility”. The goal was a roadmap with clear objectives and tangible actions for the large-scale dissemination and commercialization of AAM services.

The working group was mobilised starting from July 2020 and has been working on:

  • Identification of AAM applications (CONUSEs) considered most strategic for the Italian ecosystem (air taxi, medical & goods delivery, inspection & mapping and agricultural support);
  • identification of gaps and challenges to be overcome for the implementation of the selected commercial applications in Italy; and
  • development of a clear roadmap to fill the gaps identified and reach the expected operational scenarios.

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